Copy Trader

Pepe AI is revolutionizing the way users trade cryptocurrencies with its copy trade protocol. This feature will allow users to access the best and most consistent trades without having to have any previous knowledge of the market. The benefits of this technology are numerous:
Introducing new traders to the market who can benefit from Pepe AI's expertise;
Breaking the time barrier, giving busy traders more time to focus on other tasks;
Creating a strong community where users can interact, share ideas, and learn from each other.
Pepe AI's copy trade protocol will initially be available on Telegram and WhatsApp channels. The AI technology behind this feature will perform a thorough market analysis to provide users with the best entries, all with the highest security parameters checked in priority.
To ensure the quality and safety of the trades, Pepe AI will evaluate various parameters, such as the contract, the project's audit and KYC certifications, the ratio between supply, market cap, and liquidity, member engagement, and other factors.