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What is a Governance Token?

Basically, a governance token is like the VIP pass to a decentralized network. It gives you the power to vote on proposals that can change how the network operates. Think of it like being a shareholder in a company, where your vote can help shape the direction of the business.
But instead of company decisions, you're voting on things like upgrades to the network or how funds are allocated. And the more tokens you hold, the more voting power you have. It's like the old saying goes, "with great power comes great responsibility".

$PepeAI Token

All $PepeAI holders have the power to vote on proposals that are crucial to the development of our project, whether you're staking in our smart contracts or holding tokens on other chains like Eth and BSC. Your vote matters to us and helps shape the direction of Pepe AI.

$PepeAI Governance Process

We value our $PepeAI investors' opinions and want to ensure they have a say in the development of our protocol. That's why we will submit proposals to DAOgovernance and allow our investors to participate through forums and the Pepe AI metaverse, where they can cast their votes. These votes will be the driving force behind any updates we make to our platform. As a PepeAI investor, you have a voice, and we want to hear it!