KYC, Audit & SAFU

KYC Verification

Investors are increasingly aware of the importance of KYC compliance for projects in the crypto space. At Pepe AI, we take this responsibility very seriously, as we believe it is crucial for the preservation and growth of our investors' assets. Our CEO takes full legal responsibility for the progress of the project and ensuring that we remain fully compliant with KYC regulations. This commitment to transparency and accountability is a key factor in building trust with our investors and creating a strong, sustainable community.

Audit Verification

Investor security is our top priority at Pepe AI, which is why we place a great emphasis on audit verification for our protocol. With blockchain transactions being irreversible, we understand the importance of having secure and bug-free code. That's why we conduct thorough audits on our smart contracts to ensure they are free from vulnerabilities that could compromise investor funds. Our commitment to security and transparency means that we take full responsibility for the progress of the project, and we will always prioritize the safety of our investors' assets.

SAFU Verification

Pepe AI values the security and safety of our investors' funds, which is why we have implemented the SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) badge. This badge indicates that we have taken significant steps to protect our investors' funds from potential cyber attacks or other security breaches. We believe that our investors deserve the utmost level of protection, and the SAFU badge is a reflection of our commitment to providing the highest level of security possible.