Pepe AI
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Staking allows you to lock your assets on our platform/wallet and receive rewards without selling your tokens. This means you can earn a passive income while still maintaining ownership of your tokens. And who doesn't love earning money while they sleep?
To participate in Pepe AI staking, all you need to do is stake $PepeAI tokens on our linked crypto wallet. Then, send the tokens to a staking contract and lock them for a certain period. Once the staking platform locks the $PepeAI tokens, you start earning rewards. It's that easy!
The amount of rewards you earn depends on the staking duration and the number of token stakes. The longer you lock up your tokens, the more rewards you'll receive. And with our Pepe AI POOL - A TIERS multiplier, you can earn even more rewards. The current APY is 50%, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.
Staking is quickly becoming a popular method of earning passive income in the crypto world, especially among institutional investors. And with Pepe AI staking, you don't need to be a tech whiz to get in on the action. Our platform makes staking easy and accessible to everyone.
So, if you're interested in earning a passive income by staking, Pepe AI is the place to be.


Our staking pools are divided into different tiers, each with its own unique properties. There are three tiers for LPs to add liquidity and two back-end tiers that exist only at the smart contract level to provide LPs with additional options when adding liquidity.
Now, let's talk about the different tiers. The high-risk, high-reward tier (tier A) earns interest according to its principal contribution multiplied by the tier's interest multiplier. The tier interest multiplier is standardized to 10, so LPs in tier A earn 10 times more interest than they would without the Pepe AI. On the other hand, LPs in tier AA earn 1/10th of the interest they would normally earn, but are covered in the event of a loss of platform risk. This covered capital comes from the principal and interest of the LPs in tier A.
So, what do you get in return for staking your crypto? LPs in tier AA are awarded 80% of the Pepe AI token generation, while tier A LPs earn 10% of the tokens generated per season. But, keep in mind that Pepe AI gains are not included in the first loss coverage for tier AA LPs.
Last but not least, there's tier S. This tier earns 10% of the Pepe AI generated per season and is used to balance the A and AA tiers so that they are always in perfect balance with each other. This ensures that the tier interest multiplier is maintained at its exact value.
In a nutshell, Pepe AI's staking parcels allow you to earn more crypto while maintaining the flexibility to choose the level of risk you're comfortable with.